Saskwatch : Hands


Hands - 7"

Hands is the glorious, life-affirming single from Melbourne's Saskwatch. Effortlessly steered by lead singer Nkechi Anele's soulful vocals, Hands will slap a smile on your face and get you dancing. Whether you like it or not.
NOTE: Postage is included in the price of all Passport 7" orders, regardless of where in the world you live.

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Twerps : Work It Out


Work It Out - 7"

While maintaining the band’s trademark cheeky charm, Work It Out shows newfound confidence, emotional resonance and an extra lick of polish. In contrast, He’s In Stock is a driving, bratty complaint, while Recall admits catchily to forgetting the name of a one night stand.

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Adalita : The Repairer


The Repairer - 7"

Taken from Adalita’s widely acclaimed debut solo record, The Repairer is a stark, haunting track which showcases her stunning vocals, heartfelt songwriting and adept guitar work. B-side Hot Air was the first song Adalita wrote for the album.
NOTE: Postage is included in the price of all Passport 7" orders, regardless of where in the world you live.

The Holidays : Golden Sky

The Holidays

Golden Sky - 7"

The Holidays present Golden Sky - a sun-drenched tune that channels warm nights and cloudless skies. The song blends wild percussion, sing-a-long chant choruses, falsetto vocals and squawking guitars into an action-packed, yet equally sublime journey. B-side Heavy Feathers complements the lead track perfectly. A little more downbeat than the elation of Golden Sky, Heavy Feathers is a dreamy, hazy come-down evoking the relaxed atmosphere of The Caribbean.

Cloud Control : Gold Canary

Cloud Control

Gold Canary - 7"

With tribal chants travelling alongside steady percussion and then exploding with a cosmic breakdown, Gold Canary could very well be likened to David Byrne and Fela Kuti holding hands in space. The b-side, Vintage Books draws on inspiration from the great melody makers of our time, with inventive pop melodies and old-time girl/boy harmonies from an era when pop music was pure and, well, just made you smile.

Rowland S. Howard : Pop Crimes

Rowland S. Howard

Pop Crimes - 7"


The band lurch in to Pop Crimes as if dragging a rain soaked body across a muddy field. The ghosts of Lee Hazlewood, Snatch, Sergio Leone, The Shangri-Las and nameless guys from a never known chain gang watch on. Within the first few breaths, Howard references Stalin, Calvary and genocide, whilst razoring guitar lines, the current crop of post-punk revisionists could only fantasize about.

(I Know) A Girl Called Jonny sees Jonnine Standish from HTRK sidle up to the microphone for a duet that will melt even the coldest of hearts. It’s a glorious missing link between the New York girl group sound and the street smarts of Suicide.

Crayon Fields : Voice of Paradise

Crayon Fields

Voice of Paradise - 7"

‘Voice Of Paradise’ is the Crayon Fields’ first UK release and a vital precursor to their highly anticipated second album ‘All The Pleasures Of The World’, set for release in mid 2009. Recorded in the clouds, ‘Voice Of Paradise’ is a love song that rings out in the natural reverb of heaven and features a choir of bewitched soprano voices, a string quartet and a four-octave guitar solo. Meanwhile, wistful B-side ‘So Much Time’ decorates the tender thump of mid tempo drum machine with delicate guitar melodies, seductive basslines and glistening organ flourishes.

theredsunband : The Eagle


The Eagle - 7"

theredsunband's The Eagle is officially Passport-approved and has its UK visa issued in the form of a 7" and download on September 29.

The Eagle is a punchy, dark rock song with tight harmonies, yet it still retains a dreamy, atmospheric feel. At just over two minutes, it is perfectly succinct. B-side Like An Arrow is smart and melodic, with the haziness of Mazzy Star and the pop sensibility of The Shins.

The Silents : 23

The Silents

23 - 7"

Psychedelic and beat influenced Australian four-piece The Silents are the next band to release a 7" single on The Passport Label. "23" is a brooding song with dizzying harmonies bleeding into tripped-out garage-rock. Dark corners are explored and uncovered, and past, present and future collide head-on. With swinging beats, barking guitars and weaving harmonies, The Silents channel their delusional thoughts into that age-old musical smoke signal, the Pop Song.

The Panics : Don't Fight It

The Panics

Don't Fight It - 7"

Hailing from Perth, The Panics are set to be Australia's next big export. The double A-side single Don't Fight It/Get Us Home is released on March 31st on The Passport Label.

Don't Fight It is a horn-driven pop classic with glorious 60s strings and harmonies. Get Us Home has a darker feel with uneasy, brooding arrangements set against the vast Australian landscape. Here are two great songs from a band brimming with commercial potential and set to take the world by storm.

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