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Crayon Fields

Voice of Paradise - 7"

‘Voice Of Paradise’ is the Crayon Fields’ first UK release and a vital precursor to their highly anticipated second album ‘All The Pleasures Of The World’, set for release in mid 2009. Recorded in the clouds, ‘Voice Of Paradise’ is a love song that rings out in the natural reverb of heaven and features a choir of bewitched soprano voices, a string quartet and a four-octave guitar solo. Meanwhile, wistful B-side ‘So Much Time’ decorates the tender thump of mid tempo drum machine with delicate guitar melodies, seductive basslines and glistening organ flourishes.

Band Bio

The band is led by principal songwriter Geoff O'Connor who also has a side project called Sly Hats. Crayon Fields' debut album, Animal Bells was released in 2006 and received praise from around the world, including the influential Pitchfork. The sophomore record, All The Pleasures Of The World is scheduled for release in 2009 and will feature the Passport single Voice of Paradise.

News About This Artist

16 ... APR ... 2009 Crayon Fields sing of Paradise



Pitchfork Oct, 2009 Tour Dates website May, 2009 Subba Cultcha May, 2009
Soundsxp Live Review May, 2009 Time Out Apr, 2009 The Times Apr, 2009
Tour Dates Apr, 2009 Soundsxp Apr, 2009  
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